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Free Video Segments

  1. How to control the onset of an Asthma Attack
  2. What Causes asthma?
  3. How to measure the control pause
  4. What does the Control pause mean?
  5. How to unblock the nose using simple breath hold exercise
  6. Reducing asthma attacks during sleep
  7. How to breathe during physical exercise
  8. Applying the Buteyko Method
  9. Do you want to reduce asthma attacks?
  11. Asthma Complimentary Breathing Method News Story
  12. Why do children cough or wheeze?
  13. Buteyko breathing for children. Steps: how to control asthma, blocked nose, wheezing and coughing
  14. Buteyko children learn to use their nose
  15. Buteyko children learn how to unblock their noses by simply holding their breath
  16. Learn how to significantly reduce coughing and wheezing
  17. Learn all about good breathing. How should we breathe?
  18. Prof. Buteyko interview. Part one (Original footage)
  19. Eugenia Malyshev talks about the Buteyko Breathing Method (part 1)
  20. Eugenia Malyshev talks about the Buteyko Breathing Method (part 2)

How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 12 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.