Immediate Online Programme

Buteyko DVD set for Respiratory
Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever, COPD

  • A 2 Hour professional DVD of the complete instruction (all Buteyko breathing exercises)
  • A copy of the best-selling book ‘Close Your Mouth’
  • An Audio CD of reduced breathing exercises
  • Instructions to download and view the entire Buteyko program sent to your Email address upon purchase
  • Cost including worldwide delivery: €35
  • Please allow 5-7 days for international delivery


DVD, CD & Book including worldwide delivery €35


Tired of tolerating respiratory problems that reduce your quality of life and daily experiences such as Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever and COPD? I have some great news for you.

Today is the day for your breathing breakthrough!

The Buteyko DVD set for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever  and COPD is the Buteyko Clinic International’s best-selling self-instructional DVD & Book Set to date.

Developed in collaboration with an internationally accredited practicing physician, the program aims to dramatically improve your health and wellbeing and help give back the quality of life you deserve.

The Buteyko DVD set for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever  and COPD is perfect if you want to get started right away implementing the core “actionable” Butekyo breathing technique.

Within minutes, you’ll start making the shift from inefficient mouth-style breathing to a more natural, relaxed and easy-to-apply way of breathing – the Buteyko way.

Buteyko DVD set for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever  and COPD

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to apply the Buteyko Method as developed by the late Dr KP Buteyko
  • How to significantly improve asthma control and reduce reliance on medication (Only reduce medication in consultation with medical doctor)
  • How to improve blood circulation and body oxygenation
  • How to improve sleep and physical exercise
  • How to measure your progress

Close Your Mouth

Book & Ebook

Instructional CD

Two hour instructional DVD

NTSC and PAL DVD versions available according to country



1: Welcome
2: Cleansing reactions


1: Unblock the nose

2: Correcting breathing volume

3: walking with breath holds

4: Steps for children, teenagers and adults

5: How to stop coughing and wheezing attack


1: Significance of the CP

2: 3 Steps to increase the CP


1: Sleeping

2: Physical Exercise

3: Food


1: Adult

2: Child

3: Elderly


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After I order, how long does it take to receive the Buteyko DVD set for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis/ Hay Fever and COPD?

Instruction to download and view the DVD program is immediately sent to your Email address. Please allow 5-7 days for International delivery of the DVD program.

What is taught?

Professionally produced and edited, as international Buteyko practitioner and bestselling author, Patrick McKeown is filmed instructing the complete Buteyko Method to five adults and two children.

Who is the DVD set suitable for?

Initially discovered for the treatment of high blood pressure, the Buteyko Method is better known for helping with asthma, rhinitis, snoring and sleep apnoea. As the goal of the method is to improve body oxygenation, it is an excellent modality to improve overall health and wellbeing.


The DVD and book were extremely helpful to combat my asthma. I haven’t had an asthma attack since I started breathing through my nose and other helpful hints. I’ve been off and on taking prednisone for several years and other asthma meds. This is so exciting to learn the Buteyko way of breathing. I’ve even metal stamped a bracelet that says, “Breathe thru your nose” just to keep reminding me.

Anita Iverson, USA

I’ve recently started practicing the Buteyko method through Patrick McKeown’s resources, including the DVD set, the iPad app and his book Anxiety Free. I am really enjoying learning about this technique and am feeling better already. I don’t have asthma, but several other chronic health and pain issues. I feel so much more settled in body and mind when I incorporate the breathing exercises into my day. I plan to continue using this method to see what the health effects will be. Patrick’s resources are very user friendly and he emailed me back promptly with any questions I had. I would highly recommend the DVD set!!!

Cathryn B Rogocki, USA

I didn’t realize how sick I really was. The drugs were working well enough so that I could sit on the couch and not have an attack (most of the time). However I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life on the couch. As soon as I would do ANY kind of movement my throat would swell up and my breath would get short. This program was the only thing that offered me hope, everyone else made me feel that I should be glad that I could breath. The first thing that I did wrong was to try to reduce my meds too fast, I started doing so much and feeling so good that I thought I was cured, result, big set backs. The second thing was NOT to listen to the CD morning and night, that CD is magic. My doctor did help a lot, she was the one who explained that panic attacks lead to asthma attacks and asthma attacks lead to panic attacks. However she didn’t have any way to break the cycle. The book, DVD, and CD, did the trick. I also made a breathing device, which helps too. Six months later I can’t believe the difference. DON’T GIVE UP!

Randy, USA

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