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What is Taught

  • All adults and children over five years of age are taught how to take control of their condition naturally.
  • Our therapy consists of Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method and other lifestyle guidelines which have been proven to considerably reduce symptoms and dependency on medication.
  • All medication is continued alongside our program and following a number of months practice of exercises and upon improvement of symptoms, medication may be reduced only after consultation and recommendation by a medical doctor.

During clinics, persons are taught:

  • Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method with extensive practice and correction of breathing
  • Dietary guidelines for asthma
  • Exercise and sports with asthma
  • Special breathing exercises for children
  • Overcoming an asthma attack
  • Correct sleeping
  • All aspects of asthma management are addressed during our program
  • Asthma Care therapy is instructed in a relaxed way which makes it very easily understood and applied by both children and adults

Asthma Care Program:

  • Extensive training manual containing all information of workshop
  • Email and telephone support for twelve months
  • There is a maximum of ten persons to a workshop to ensure that each person receives individual tuition.
  • Attendance to one clinic of between six and eight hours which is held over three weeks is more than sufficient to understand, apply and achieve very good results. If a person feels they need to attend a second clinic within a twelve month period, they may do so at no extra cost.
  • Our promise is to work with each person until they can correctly apply program and are achieving very good results.

How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 12 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.